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Alan Culpepper

Alan brings an unparalleled wealth of experience and keen insight complemented with exceptional communication and interpersonal skills.  With a three-decade-long immersion in athletics,  Alan is dedicated to leveraging this extensive background to help you unlock your full potential. His coaching journey spans every level, from the 800m to the marathon, and reflects a commitment to thorough study, observation, and evaluation, all geared towards elevating your running to new heights.

Alan embarked on his coaching odyssey in 2009, transitioning from a distinguished career in competitive athletics. In 2012, he founded culpeppercoaching, driven by the vision of delivering comprehensive coaching services. Over the past ten years, he has mentored hundreds of individuals worldwide, catering to diverse ability levels. His coaching repertoire includes a stint as the Head Cross-Country coach at a high school in Boulder, Colorado, where he also established 40 North Athletics, a thriving community supporting local youth runners during the off-season.

In 2022, Alan embraced a new challenge, coaching at the NCAA Division I level, swiftly transforming the program with his strategic prowess. Following this success, he assumed the role of Head Coach for a professional team, overseeing 18 full-time professional runners. Under his guidance, the team achieved remarkable milestones, including multiple top-10 finishes at major marathons, USA National Champions, National Record Holders, and world-class performances. Alan's ability to coach effectively across all levels is a testament to his personal experience, acquired knowledge, and expertise, all of which he is eager to apply for the benefit of your training and racing goals.


  • Self Coached Olympic Athlete

  • Coached hundreds of athletes globally for over a decade through an online platform

  • Guided multiple high school athletes to secure positions on NCAA programs

  • Assistant Coach NCAA Division I, leading the group to new personal bests, conference championship titles, and school records

  • Head Coach of a Professional team, producing three National Champions, three podium finishes at National Championships, three top-10 finishes at major marathons, a National Record, and personal bests from the 800m to the Marathon.



  • 2000 & 2004 United States Olympian

  • Seven-Time National Champion (5k, 10k, Cross Country & Marathon)

  • Olympic Marathon Trials Champion

  • Two top-five finishes in the Boston Marathon

  • Mile Best: 3:55

  • 5k Best: 13:25

  • 10k Best: 27:33

  • Marathon Best: 2:09:41

  • NCAA Champion

  • 8 Time Division I All American

  • High School All American

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