Alan Culpepper

Alan brings an unmatched level of experience, perceptiveness, intuition and desire to analyze combined with highly developed communication skills and relatability.  Alan knows what running 135 miles a week feels like, what training for ten years for one pivotal moment embodies, what it takes to execute when it matters most.  He also has experienced the negative results of pushing to the point of overtraining and the feeling of being unsupported and left alone to figure out what works. 

Alan lived the life of a professional for ten years, spent countless hours poring over texts and talking with athletes to learn as much as possible all in an attempt to pull the most out of himself.  He appreciates how important coaches were to helping him progress while also recognizing how they came up short at various points in providing what he truly needed to be emotionally and mentally supported. 

Alan has spent three decades in athletics and through extensive reflection has learned from those experiences.  Experience is not the best teacher but rather evaluated experience is the best teacher.  Alan has done the work to study, observe, and evaluate in order to be ready to take your running to the next level.

-2000 & 2004 United States Olympian

-Seven-Time National Champion (5k, 10k, Cross Country & Marathon)

-Olympic Marathon Trials Champion

-Two top five finishes in Boston Marathon

-3:55 - Mile Best

-13:25 - 5k Best

-27:33 - 10k Best

-2:09:41 - Marathon Best

-NCAA Champion 

-8 Time Division I All American

-High School All American