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$225 Per Month

Comprehensive online coach/athlete experience with individualized training tailored specific to your goals.  Constant communication to ensure your training stays on target and adaptation effective. 

  • Detailed instructions for each day including mileage, pacing guidelines, workout particulars. 

  • Training laid out and sent in two-week segments for ease of use and the ability to modify as you progress.

  • Color coded workouts to help showcase all the various physiological elements addressed

  • Free Online Training Account via Final Surge with comprehensive training calendar and interface. 

  • Communication is continual and unlimited via online training platform. 

STEP 1:  After signing up you will receive a running assessment questionnaire.  This detailed document will provide Coach Culpepper with all of the necessary information for understanding your background in running, mileage, current fitness, racing history, scheduled events, injury history, etc.

STEP 2:  After further review and reflection Coach Culpepper will lay out your overall plan with your goals as the foundation while factoring in your scheduling requirements, travel plans, work/life balance, etc. 

STEP 3:  Athlete will be provided a FREE Online Training Account through FINAL SURGE.  This platform is fully interactive with daily training laid out in full detail.  Each workout is color coded and all training can be linked to Garmin files.  

STEP 4:  Get Started

By signing up you agree to the Terms and Conditions

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